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Breathe, Love, Live

Each class is approximately 90 minutes
All you need to participate is a phone … and a willingness to activate lasting healing change in your life!

heartbeachcropPractical tools, intuitive guidance, and supportive community to help you release past wounds and anxiety about the future, and bring you into the present moment, where you can receive healing on all levels of your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic being.

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Are you stuck? At a loss? Repeating the same painful patterns and want to know why?

When we carry unresolved wounds, painful past experiences, and other unwanted energy, it affects us on all levels of our being.

We are out of alignment with ourselves, resulting in difficulty with self-care, motivation, creativity, and ability to grow spiritually

We are out of alignment with others, resulting in painful relationships, repeatedly choosing partners who are not good for us, feeling victimized at work or taken advantage of by so-called friends

We are out of alignment with our soul path, resulting in confusion about vocation, frustration with our options, and lack of clarity about our greater purpose.

In this three-part class, intuitive guide and spiritual teacher Karen Hager will gently bring you face-to-face with yourself, your relationships, and your soul path in this world.

After more than twenty years of work with people who are in transition, Karen knows that change … lasting change … comes about only when we realize what we’re carrying and consciously, effectively release it.

Each week, you’ll connect with others who share your desire to step out of fear and into love. You’ll receive a Reflection Journal, created to gently guide you deeper into this healing journey. You’ll also get Karen’s 21-Day Practice Guide with daily prompts and challenges to help you form the habit of better self-care and spiritual engagement. And through the private Facebook page, you’ll connect with class members between live classes … supporting each other and validating your own growth.

Take me to pricing info and tell me how I can sign up!

What Will I Learn?

  • gently, intuitively become aware of energetic blocks
  • engage powerful tools to safely release those blocks
  • invite renewed energy, divine wisdom, greater creative flow
  • speak with your true inner voice as you share and release your experiences
  • connect more fluidly and more quickly with your guides
  • experience the power of group healing and release on all levels of your being

You have the power to unlock healing in others, just as you are unlocking healing in yourself. It’s all connected. And this is how we heal the world!

Class 1: Healing Ourselves

  • Assessment: What’s holding you back personally?
  • Setting and crystallizing intentions for healing
  • Guided meditation to open awareness of personal blocks
  • Techniques for and hands-on activation of personal healing
  • Group reflection and sharing

Class 2: Healing Our Relationships

  • Assessment: What needs healing in our relationships?
  • Setting and crystallizing intentions for healing
  • Guided meditation to open awareness of blocks
  • Techniques for and hands-on activation of relationship healing
  • Group reflection and sharing

Class 3: Healing The World

  • Assessment: Are we in alignment with our soul path?
  • Setting and crystallizing intentions for healing
  • Guided meditation to open awareness of soul path
  • Techniques for and hands-on realignment with vocation and life purpose
  • Group reflection and sharing

Private Facebook Group

  • Connect with class members to share your experiences and receive support
  • Daily interaction with Karen in the group … get your questions answered!
  • Deepen the energetic bond that enhances your personal healing
  • This is a closed group, so no one but class members can see what’s posted

Reflection Journal

  • Created by Karen especially for this class
  • Questions for deeper inquiry
  • Inspired exercises and action steps to help you get the most out of the class
  • Karen’s six-step process for healing energy around relationships
  • Detailed guide for releasing and healing personal blocks
  • Space for personal journaling and intention setting

21-Day Practice Journal

  • Designed for daily use to help you build the habit of healing connection and empowerment
  • Daily prompts encourage you to go deeper and fully engage in the release you begin in class
  • Focus on intention-setting, self-care, daily spiritual practice, and awareness of the role of negative self-talk in your consciousness
  • Space for personal journaling, so you can look back and see how far you’ve come and reconnect with where you want to be

Pricing and Sign-Up

I want to make this class available to as many people as possible, so there are several options here. Choose the one that’s right for you!

Option 1: The Basics — $97 (a $663 value)

  • Live classes with Karen
  • Each student will receive a recording of the live call within 24 hours
  • Reflection Journal
  • 21-Day Practice Journal
  • Membership in private Facebook community

Option 2: Intuitive Support — $127 (a $707 value)

  • All the benefits of Option 1
  • plus a private 15-minute intuitive session with Karen

Option 3: Extra Intuitive Support — $157 (a $751 value)

  • All the benefits of Option 1
  • plus TWO private 15-minute intuitive sessions with Karen

Thanks to the generosity of a student in this class, I can make available a limited number of full and partial scholarships. If you’re interested, please email me to get more information.